Former al Shabaab senior commander surrenders to Somali police

by wadani | Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Former al Shabaab senior commander has surrendered to the Somali Police force, Amisom has said.

Via twitter on Tuesday night, Amisom said Ahmed Mohamud Afrah in Galcad surrendered to the police.

“Amisom congratulates Ahmed upon his act of courage and encourages other militants to abandon acts of terrorism and embrace peace,” Amisom said.

On April 5, Amisom killed s ix al-Shabaab commanders including Kenyan trainer Sheikh Mansur in Lower Shabelle, Somalia.

Amisom identified some of the six as Aden Bale (commander of Leego), Sheikh Mohammed who was second in command in Janaale and Mohammed Abribao (al Shabaab judge in Janaale).

The others were named as Hassan Ali, chief Amnyat of lower Shabelle region, and Yemeni IED expert Abu Islam.

Sector One commander, Brigadier General Sam Okiding said the deaths bring to seven the number of commanders killed by the allied forces in one week.

The forces killed al Shabaab commander Abdirashir Bugdube in Janale on April 2.

Sector One troops who were on patrol intercepted al Shabaab’s technical vehicle on Mogadishu-Barawe Road.

It was ferrying IEDs, grenades and bomb detonators.

A senior leader of the al Qaeda-linked militant group was killed in a US air strike targeting him on March 31, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said on Monday.

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