Former minister wins Galmudug elections, HOL

by admin | Sunday, Jul 5, 2015

ADAADO (HOL) —-Somalia’s former interior minister has been elected as the president of the new Galmudug administration after three rounds of vote that saw two rival candidates losing the contest.

Abdikarim Hussein has contested neck-by-neck in the running with Ahmed Fiqi, Somalia’s former director intelligence agency, ending months of campaign in the central Somali town of Adaado.

Mr. Hussein would lead the administration that would have Mudug and Galgadud regions under its control despite opposition from the Puntland semi-autonomous region in northern Somalia which believes that the new administration aims to annex parts of its territory.

Speaking after the result was annouced , the new president promised to serve Galmudug people with deligent ,determination and sincerity.

Mr. Guled, a close ally of the Somali president has secured 49 votes while his rival candidate Ahmed Fiqi who trailed him until the third round got 40 votes.

The election of Galmudug president comes few days after Ahlu Sunna wal jame’a declared Ahmed Shakir as the new president of central regions of Somalia.

As the presidential elections came to an end, politicians have started preparing for vice president’s elections.

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