Is Being a Somali Celebrity a curse or a blessing?

by admin | Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015

mustafeMustafa Farah Jaburi

Hiran University, Department of Agriculture

Throughout the history of mankind, there were individuals whose presence felt and admired by people from all walks of life for their entertainment and humor, these folks wherever they go draw crowds of people and cause traffic jams, despite their sometimes poor qualifications and credentials; they are individuals who had explored and utilized their talents, whether in acting, Sports and singing, they are collectively called Celebrities.

Being a celebrity has its own gains and pains, because their movements are under constant scrutiny, they are followed by bold paparazzi guys who plunge their lives in danger just to take a picture of the celebrities being changing their T-shirts or sipping their coffee; also newspapers have dedicated sections called Tabloids to feed us with these photos and fresh gossips about them.

They are famous and rich, their lives are comfortable, whatever they crave for, is ready within the blink of their eyes, swarms of servants are caring them, let alone the strong built bodyguards that fend off any crazy funs who sometimes go to the extreme limits, just to shake hands with their heartthrobs.

Despite the glamour, style and extravagant life dedicated only for them, they are under pressure to behave responsibly, which sometimes lead them to turn to drugs, and finally depression and paranoid.

However, my Somali celebrities are in dire contrast compared to the world celebrities that we know today, but before the fall of former Siad Barre regime in 1990, it was their heydays, they were heroes loved by everyone, old and young alike, their plays and Songs were the talk of the day, Studios and recording houses were busy, many well-known Somali Musicians had emerged in the 70s and 80s revolutionizing the industry, nevertheless they were the same celebrities that we see today in Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, in terms of popularity.

Unfortunately, as the country begun to crumple down to its knees, they became part of the influx of refugees in the neighboring countries as far afield as the West and Arabia, they lost their credibility and became subject of humiliation in refugee camps, borders and airports, some are lingering in foreign prisons, like the case of Prominent Somali Singer Qamar Abdullahi Harawe, who was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment in Turkey after allegedly was found possessing stimulant leaves called Khat, which she says was a gift for a friend in Turkey.

QamarWell-Known Somalia Singer Qamar Abdulahi Harawe, in Turkish Pirson 

Others are trapped in the country, and face persistent threats, thus forcing them to turn to other low jobs or just become adamant to continue their art of singing, which become now confined to performing in weddings and ceremonies, instead of big theaters.

citizens of such status are regarded to be the bearers of National bride and identity, having said this, it reminds me of an interview made by the BBC Somali Service with late Halima Khalif Magol, in which she elaborates an alleged romance between her and Sudanese man, the interview was so long but I like the part which she claims that, former Somali president Siad Barre, had informed her not to allow this Sudanese man to advance further, because Somalia couldn’t afford to lose her to a foreign nation.

So, who failed these great artists of our Nation?

I have no inkling that, we Somalis had drained patriotic feelings out our systems, we are known to easily integrate and copy paste the cultures of others, therefore each and every Somali share the blame of not supporting our great heroes when they need us most, because we are either funs of Amar Diab or Justin Bieber.

Anyway, I would like to implore the Somali Government to secure the immediate and unconditional release of our compatriot, because many countries like UK and other countries seek to release their countrymen from prisons in Iran, China, North Korea and Saudi Arabian, after they were found of being pedophiles, spies and drug dealers, so why our government is unable to even say one word?

Finally, I call for any Somali who concern the blight of Qamar Abdulahi Harawe, and other silently suffering great artists, to immediately wake up and advocate for their cause, let’s use our rotten and forgotten patriotic sentiment, for the sake our people and country.



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