Kenya Trained Somali Soldier in Kismayo Defects to Al-Shabaab, Vows War on Kenyan Soil

by admin | Saturday, Jun 13, 2015

The number of Jubbaland forces (former Raskamboni brigades) defecting to Al-Shabaab has been on the increase in the past one year which many security analysts now say it could be another burden to the Kenyan security.

One of the most recent defectors is Capt. Yusuf Mo’alim Nur, a Kenya trained Raskamboni soldier who then became of the new Jubbaland forces in Kismayo.

After reaching Jilib, a Middle Jubba region town now base to Al-Shabaab, Mr Nur announced he officially joined into the ranks of Al-Shabaab militant group. He says he defected from Hosingow, a base for Jubbaland and Kenya’s [KDF] forces.

“I decided to leave Hosingow as life was harder.” He said in an interview with Al-Shabaab’s Andalus radio on Thursday.

Mr Nur said he was trained in Kenya in 2011 and was part of the AMISOM and Somali joint operation that led to the fall of Kismayo in late 2012.

“Kismayo is now under the control of clan militias. The original residents of the region were marginalized. They have no voice. Women and children are raped while youth are killed in daily basis. So I could not be part of that.” he added.

Al-Shabaab has been calling Kenya trained forces in Kismayo to join into their ranks to wage attacks on Kenya.

Mr Nur now says he is ready to go with Al-Shabaab fighters and carry attacks on Kenyan soil since he knows the places and the towns where he was trained in 2011.


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