One al Shabaab killed, one injured while planting explosive

by wadani | Sunday, Dec 27, 2015

An al Shabaab terrorist died and another injured after an IED they were planting in Mandera exploded.

“The al Shabaab militants wanted to attack area residents after the incident where Muslims shielded Christians last week,” police said.

Police say they received a tip off from the public that al Shabaab were going to attack in retaliation.20151227635868021821618456bomb gacned

“When the militants realised that officers from Kenya Defence Forces and the local police were coming their direction, they tried to plant the IED in a hurry and that is when it exploded on them,” police said.

The injured militant was taken by the KDF officers.

Investigations have been launched.

On Monday, Muslim passengers shielded Christians when gunmen attacked their bus between Kotulo and Dabasiti in Mandera.

The locals refused to be separated and stood together daring the attackers to either kill them all or leave.

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