Praising the Role of Djibouti Troops in Improving Security of Hiiraan By Hiiraan forum

by Yahye | Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012 | 15 views

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate

We, members of Hiiraan Forum, would first like to extend our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the family and relatives of  Sheikh Muhumad Sheikh Hussein, as well as the entire people of Hiiraan, on the shocking loss of the leader of Hiiraan Elders Council,  who was killed by the brutal enemies of peace on Tuesday, November 27th 2012. The unforgettable peace maker was among the few most valuable and instrumental individuals in the society and his loss will leave a long-lasting sorrows and vivid scars on the memories of the people of Somalia, in general, and Hiiraan, in particular.

During this special time of tests and hardships, we would like to acknowledge, praise, and appreciate the role of the troops from the brotherly Republic of Djibouti in the bid to bring about an environment conducive to establishing an all-inclusive regional administration directly elected by – and thus accountable to- the people of Hiiraan. The reinforcement of the Djibouti forces to buttress the people of Hiiraan, in their rightful struggle and quest for freedom, has swiftly altered the equation and the oppressors are now, surely, on the run.

We are pleased to state the fact that the peace keeping troops from Djibouti are closely working with the local population to safeguard and serve the general populace of the region. We believe that such steps encourage the local population to stand up for their rights and accept their own responsibilities.  In an interview with VOA Somali after the ferocious assassination of Sheikh Mohamed, the commander of Djibouti troops in Somalia Colonel Osman Dubad urged Hiiraanians to demonstrate a strong desire to overcome and defeat the merciless killers who target the most productive individuals of the society.  “I am asking myself where the desire of the people of Hiiraan is. The desire of the people whose elite is being targeted and killed every day? Our brother (the late leader of Hiiraan Elders Council) died on the right path. Let’s all choose the same path as anyone of us would die anyways. The enemy of the people is that which is killing the noble among us. He was not armed. He was not the enemy of any body. Who knows the wisdom behind assassinating such a man?”, argued Col Dubad.

Likewise we applaud the Somali Federal Government’s reaction -to the unholy murder of the Chairman of Hiiraan Elders Council- of sending cabinet level officials to Beledweyn so as to demonstrate solidarity and sympathize with the people of Hiiraan. Finally, we call upon all the people of the region to unite around their common values of tolerance and defend their principles of human dignity.


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