Respected Somali clan leader dies in Beledweyne

by wadani | Sunday, Jan 3, 2016

A well-respected Somali clan chieftain known for his community services and reconciliations has died Sunday, relatives said.

Ugas Abdirahman Ugas Khalif, the chieftain of Hawadle clan has died after sudden illness in Beledweyne, the



provincial capital of Hiiraan region.

Tributes have been paid to Mr. Khalif, the son of the clan’s late former clan leader, describing him as a ‘true leader’ who worked for years building peaceful coexistence and reconciliations among clans in the region.

Before his sudden death, Ugas Abdirahman has organized a community meeting to fundraise the rebuilding of Beledweyne airport this week.

Hiiraan Net

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