Somalis in Kenya protest after deadliest university attack, HOL

by admin | Sunday, Apr 5, 2015

NAIROBI (HOL)—-Hundreds of Somalis took to the streets in the Nairobi’s Somali-dominated Eastleigh neighborhood on Sunday to protest against the recent deadly attack on Garissa university, northeastern Kenya that killed at least 147 people.
Angry protestors gathered in Eastleight on suburb of Nairobi in solidarity with Kenyans who are observing three days mourning after losing many fellow compatriots in the attack.

The Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab group in Somalia claimed the responsibility for the attack, vowing more attacks targeting the east African nation.

However, a defiant president Uhuru Kenyatta vowed a ‘tougher’ response to the Al-Shabab group in an address to the nation, reiterating that Kenya would respond “in the severest ways possible” to the al-Shabab militant attack on Garissa university.

The protestors including community and religious leaders said they’d standby their host nation in its fight against ‘terrorist’ groups.

The attack by gunmen was the deadliest assault by Al-Shabab in Kenya. The group also killed at least 67 in an attack on the upscale Westgate mall in Nairobi last year.

Somalis in Kenya are often subject to backlash after attacks by Al-Shabab in Kenya as troops often carry out security sweeps against Somalis. However, the protestors said those attacks are isolated
incidents that has nothing to do with religion, accusing Al-Shabab of using Islam as a tool to carry out their activities.

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