Terrorist Attacks Won’t Stop Somalia’s Army Building, Says Defense Minister

by admin | Sunday, Aug 23, 2015

Somali Defense Minister Gen Abdikadir Ali Diini has promised that the country’s troops integration and army building will continue even after Al-Shabaab’s deadly suicide attack on army training camp in Kismayo on Saturday killing at least 10 soldiers.

In a statement released by the minister, he said terrorists will not be able to derail the country’s efforts to restructure its army.

“I tell the enemy that our army will stand on its feet and will be ready to take the lead in defending our country.” the minister added.

Minister Diini mentioned that African Union trainers were among those killed in the attack and that the government expressed condolences to their countries.

Wasiirka-gaashandhigga-620x264“We will help those wounded get better health services, while we send our condolences to our men and women killed in the attack.” he said.

The militant group Al-Shabaab which wages war on government and African Union forces in Somalia has claimed the responsibility of the attack. Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Dheere has said the militants were long time planning the attack which described as successful.


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